Bitumen Emulsions

We manufacture

Our product range as mentioned includes all products required for any type of road contract surfacing specification. Our flexibility to supply straight run Bitumen as well as to produce “high end” materials such as Modified Emulsions and Bitumen on site has engendered confidence with our clients. We have supplied Modified Bitumen on a preferential basis, as the extended durability and longer service life obtained using them overcomes the lack of funds generally available for maintenance.


We Manufacture and supply the following bituminous Emulsions:




High quality is a paramount aspect of our business culture, resulting in extended durability and longer service life of our products.


Our production and supply logistics enable us to work on projects ranging from small contracts to international highways. These stretch across a large footprint in Africa.


Our experience over the past 5 years has enabled us to work on projects of a few 100 tons all the way up to 12 000 ton contracts.


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